Wayshrines of Old – Alt Fast Travel System (Legacy)

File Version: 1.0

Wayshrines of Old is a simple plugin that adds remnants of the second era, wayshrines, as an alternate way to travel the province of Skyrim and Solstheim! These shrines have withstood the test of time as researchers in collaboration with Arch-Mages from all over have maintained them and re-purposed them so anyone can use them.

An up to date, legal copy of Skyrim + Dawnguard + Dragonborn
This plugin does not require SKSE and or SKYUI.

Hold Capitals:

  • Whiterun
  • Markarth
  • Riften
  • Windhelm
  • Solitude
  • Winterhold
  • Falkreath
  • Morthal
  • Dawnstar

Unique Locations

Files have been checked and cleaned with TES5Edit!
Meshes have been checked with NifScan and fixed with NifSkope.CREDITS
DSoS for his script that is used as the fast traveling system for the wayshrines.
Anbeegod for helping me iron out a lot of bugs.
The Nordic Wayshrine and all its variants of it was loosely based off of ZeniMax’s Nordic Wayshrine from Elder Scrolls Online.
Mesh was created with Blender 2.78a and further modified with 3DS Max 2015, NifUtilsSuite, and NifSkope.
Textures from Textures.com and deviantART.com were modified with Paint.NET.
Texture(s): WoodEnds0084, RooftilesSlate0064, WoodRough0023, Ornament Border, from Textures.com and Tileable Pergola Wood Texture by ftourini.
Bethesda for the various meshes and textures used to create various mashups and add on to the Nordic Wayshrine.
Billyro for his normal and specular maps as well as the snow variant of the Nordic Wayshrine.
Arthmoor and Hanaisse for allowing me to use the Markarth Banner Texture from USLEEP.
This material is not made, guaranteed or supported by Zenimax or it’s affiliates!

Arthmoor for Open Cities and allowing me to make a compatibility patch. (x)
Jabr for Legendary Cities – Tes Arena – Skyrim Frontier Fortress and allowing me to make a compatibility patch. (x)


A massive thank you to Complete the Circuit for his epic screenshots!
https://modwat.ch/u/…ete the Circuit

My Screenshots:
ENB: Real Like ENB by s3b3k87
aMidianBorn Landscape by Cabal
aMidianBorn Solstheim Landscape by Cabal
Verdant – A Skyrim Grass Plugin by Preeum
Supreme and Volumetric Fog + Supreme Storms by MannyGT





JC’s Small Wayshrines

File Version: 1.0

Requirements: An up to date, legal copy of Skyrim. Does NOT require any of the DLC.

This is a simple plugin that adds in many small wayshrines to the landscape that were inspired by the wayshrines from ESO. Most have been placed in accordance to where the wayshrines were placed in ESO. You will have to discover the wayshrines to be able to use them.There are also a couple of run-down wayshrines that no longer work that you can find scattered across Skyrim.

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Frost Ivy Glade – Solstheim Player Home

File Version: 2.5.4

Also Featured in Aurlyn Dawnstone by mlee3141 and Darkrogue21.


An up to date, legal copy of Skyrim and the Dragonborn DLC.


  • 4x Beds (1 double, 3 single)
  • Crafting stations (cooking, smithing – no smelter, alchemy, enchanting, and staff enchanter)
  • Various non-respawn custom storage
  • Weapon racks, displays, cases and plaques
  • Mannequins
  • A Training Dummy to practice on (recommended: Practice Dummies or Training Dummies and Targets so you level up when you practice)
  • A bathing room


Paintings, Towels, Soap, Dividers, Blankets, and Clutter Stuffs resources – by InsanitySorrow
Strotis Ovens Resource – by Stroti and Tamira
FPI Experiment Pack resources – by BrettM
Lolicept Resources – by lolikyonyu
Elianora’s Extra Resources – by Elianora
Modders Resource Pack – by Oaristys
Building Kits and other items – by Jet
BookSets Resources, Open Books Resources, Ingredients Wall Art Resources, Food Container Resources – by Blary


Somber luce lucida – by Maeldun0